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Standard Guide from Bratma : Choose Your Correct T-Shirt Size

Choose a random size every time you visit a store, you want it to be the right size for your t-shirt, unfortunately, due to the rage difference of different sizes it is not so easy, it is difficult to determine what is the perfect t-shirt Size. Do you want to know solutiom? Stop worrying about the size of your t-shirt.


No 1 : Measure Your Chest

To get accurate measurements you need to measure the entire part of your chest. Make sure the measuring tape is in your arm. Do not keep the measuring tape too tight or too loose. If you make it too tight you will get the wrong measurements and your clothes will not fit properly.


No 2 : Measure Your Length

Measure your length: Measure from the highest point of the shoulder to the desired hemline.

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No 3 : Measure Your Waist

If you measure 2 inches above your belly button, the normal waist size will be found, as it is a small part of your waist. For more accuracy, you can measure it twice, and if the numbers don't match, try again.

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No 4 : Look at the Size Chart

There are many types of the same size in the market. Well, by saying no you can understand that these sizes do not match each other, and you will buy a size that will not suit you. However, you can use the size chart given at the end as a basic guide. If your measurements come in two sizes, always choose a larger size, especially if you are ordering online.

Size Chart

Are there any size variations between different brands and countries?

Variations in size are the most common problem when buying T-shirts online and this is why people avoid online shopping. Let's get this with an example.Nike and Adidas are two different brands but they make a lot of variations in the size of their t-shirts like Nike clothes their t-shirt size is much bigger than Adidas so if you take a medium size t-shirt in Nike then it is bigger size in other brands or countries Will be considered as but a medium size is true for the size in Adidas.


Does one size really fit all?

In general, one size may not fit all people of different sizes because people come in different sizes and body types which we have already mentioned above so it is absolutely impossible that one size fits all body types. Most t-shirts are a free size that is also made for the average body type structure, some are fitted to the body type but in some cases it is impossible to fit. Let's talk about free size t-shirts.


What size is the free size?

Free size means “fit free” for everyone, it comes in a single size that is two times larger than the average demand. The free size is a bit stretchable and quite adjustable for the main body type.


How big should a logo be on the back of a shirt?

The approximate maximum width of a logo should be 14.9 inches, the front of the T-shirt should be 17.9 inches high but when placed on the back it should be about 5 "from the collar and in the middle of the left right seam. Because it is a symbol so carefully cut its dimensions.

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